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Career Development

Check here often for information regarding career opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians


As the scope of pharmacy continues to progress, so does that of the pharmacy technician. Gone are the days where technicians are centrally based and work solely in the operational roles. Expanding into a variety of areas within the hospital provides an individualized career ladder for technicians. 

Technicians frequently start their career in fundamental areas of hospital pharmacy filling medication orders and ensuring medications are accessible on hospital units. Once competence is displayed in these roles, they may pursue sterile compounding which could later expand into working in a niche area such as an oncology clinic or surgery satellite. Another career path opportunity is involvement in a medication history program. This platform allows technicians to interact with patients and develop an accurate prior-to-admission medication list. This is a vital role that, with a pharmacist’s oversight, can provide medical-care providers reliable information that can efficiently help diagnose, treat and care for patients. Additional technician roles may include but are not limited to the following: Meds to Beds, Business Support Analyst, Purchasing, Pediatric and Neonatal Care and Regulatory. Regardless of their role, technicians continue to be an asset to the realm of hospital pharmacy in providing excellence in patient care.