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SB 392 - Emergency Medication (in Schools)

The full bill and more information can be found here.


Defines "emergency medication" as epinephrine, albuterol, or naloxone.  Allows a school or school corporation to: (1) fill a prescription for an emergency medication; and (2) store the emergency medication (Previous law allowed a school to fill a prescription for auto -injectable epinephrine and store the auto -injectable epinephrine.)  Defines "emergency stock medication" as emergency medication to which both the following apply: (1) The prescription of the emergency medication is filled by a school or school corporation and (2) The emergency medication is stored at a school.  Provides that injectable epinephrine filled by certain entities must have an expiration date of not less than 12 months from the date that the pharmacy dispenses the injectable epinephrine.  Makes conforming changes regarding: (1) administering emergency stock medication; (2) prescribing and dispensing emergency medication; and (3) certain immunity from liability concerning the administration of emergency stock medication.  Defines "school" and "school nurse".  Requires the department of education to develop guidance materials concerning emergency medication and post a copy of the materials on the department's web site.  Requires a school nurse or school employee to make a report if an emergency stock medication is administered and submit the report in an electronic format to the department.

Relevance for Pharmacists:

Albuterol, naloxone, and epinephrine are now considered emergency meds and may be filled and stored by a school (previously only auto -injectable epinephrine).  Pharmacies must dispense these products with no less than 12 months expiration.  Expect to see more of these prescriptions with school corporations as the patient name, and keep close eyes on exp dates for naloxone, rescue inhalers, and epinephrine products (A separate bill mandates naloxone administration training for school nurses and other personnel, but counseling on proper technique is always appropriate). 

Effective Date: July 1st, 2017