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Pharmacists Recovery Network

The Pharmacists Recovery Network of Indiana (PRN) serves as an advocacy group for impaired and recovering pharmacists and student pharmacists. The PRN Board, which is made up of both recovering and non-recovering pharmacists, works closely with the Indiana Board of Pharmacy in managing the recovery and monitoring process of pharmacists in the state.

How Can PRNIndiana Help Me?

PRNIndiana understands the fears and concerns of a pharmacist impaired by drugs or alcohol.  The PRN Network is based on the belief that as valued members of the health care team, pharmacists are accountable to their patients, the profession, and themselves. PRN further believes the profession has a responsibility to provide a mechanism which assists pharmacists in recognizing self or peer impairment from drugs or alcohol.  

The State Board often refers clients to the PRN board for monitoring following a hearing by the board where a pharmacist is found to be in violation of their license.  The PRN board will assign a contact or monitor to that pharmacist and guide them as they work the recovery process.

Another way that the PRN gains clients is by self-referral or referrals by others who live or work closely with the impaired professional. By this means, the PRN may help the pharmacist or student pharmacist through a recovery process before any intervention by the Board of Pharmacy is necessary.


Click here for a schedule of national recovery meetings and seminars.  

Scott Kaczynski, President 574-250-5990
Ed Hinds, Vice President 317-910-7847
Randy Hitchens, Treasurer 317-634-4968
Michael J. Denton, Clinical Director 317-642-9950
Carol Dunham, PRNIndiana Manager 317-634-4968
Valarie Gaylor, Board Member 317-710-1458
Lisa Walker, Board Member 812-987-6791
Matt Murawski, Purdue Coordinator 765-494-1470
Tracy Sprunger, Butler Coodinator 317-940-6145