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Pharmacy Education Foundation (PEF)

The Pharmacy Education Foundation:

The Pharmacy Education Foundation (PEF) is a 501-C-3 non-profit foundation, and the ACPE accredited provider for continuing education offered in conjunction with the association.  The PEF has its own Board of Directors, which are appointed by the board of IPA.  In addition to hosting a variety of annual fundraising events (including its annual golf outing), the PEF also awards three Joseph E. McSoley Scholarships to students from each Indiana College of pharmacy.

PEF Mission:

The mission of the Pharmacy Education Foundation (PEF) is to support the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance by soliciting philanthropic contributions to support scholarships, grants, and other foundation programs. 


PEF Goals:

  • Work with the educational community to identify practice-related issues
  • Promote the existence and value of the organization to various public entities
  • Educate the public on the role of the pharmacist
  • Educate the other key stakeholders on the role and value of pharmacists in the healthcare system
  • Promote pharmacy as a profession dedicated to providing the public with the knowledge necessary to use their medication safely and effectively
  • Promote the PEF mission to pharmacists of the state and other public entities to ensure complete understanding

2018 PEF Board of Directors

Bonnie Brown, President ISHP 317-448-6976
Randy Hitchens, Treasurer IANTP 317-634-4968
Robert Bennett IACP 765-743-0355
Dawn Blank IANTP 317-920-0674
Jeremy Thain IACP 260-403-2706
Bruce Clayton ISHP 317-848-7902
Bruce Hufford IACP 317-747-4341
George Kucka IANTP 219-742-5598
Ron Snow IACP 317-843-8307