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IPA Board of Directors

For more information on the duties of our IPA leaders, please visit our governance library.

2018 Board of Directors

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Nick Sloffer





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Denise Fields





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Julia Bartlow

Past President




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Herb Halley



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Randy Hitchens

Executive Vice President


2018 District Representatives

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Amy Wleklinski

Districts 1 & 2


Congressional districts 1 & 2 are in the northwest and north-central parts of the state.  They include the South Bend and Gary Metros.

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Teresa DeLellis

Districts 3 & 5


Congressional districts 3 & 5 are in the northeast and central parts of the state,  It includes Fort Wayne, Goshen and the I-69 corridor to Indianapolis.

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Mark Bunton

Districts 4 & 7


Congressional districts 4 & 7 are in the west-central and central parts of the state.  They include Indianapolis and Lafayette.

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Camille Boyken

Districts 6 & 9


Congressional districts 6 & 9 are in the eastern and south-central parts of the state.  They include Muncie, Richmond, Bloomington and Jeffersonville. 

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Lester Burris

District 8


Congressional District 8 is in the southeastern part of the state. It includes Terre Haute and Evansville.

 2018 Academy Presidents

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Rick Koomler

President - IACP


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Jennifer Copple

President - ISHP


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Scott Booziotis

President - IANTP


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JD Faulkner

President - IAIP