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Member Spotlight

Each month, IPA chooses a member to highlight that demonstrates excellence in the practice of pharmacy and in association involvement.

"I encourage students to look at ALL the options of Pharmacy, not just Retail and Hospital. There are many other opportunities where we can help patients with their care." 


- Dale Bultemeier, PD

Assistant VP - Ancillary Services

Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana


Dale Bultemeier received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Purdue University in 1980. Since then, he has gained 37 years of practice experience throughout his career. Dale currently holds certifications in diabetes care, immunizations, and medication therapy management (MTM). 

Dale is a past President for the IPA's Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (IAMCP) and the Northeast Indiana Pharmacists Association (NEIPA). He also has served on the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy's (AMCP) Legislative and Student Committees. 

Dale is currently serving as a Board Member At Large for the newly formed Indiana Academy of Non-Traditional Pharmacists (IANTP). This newly formed academy serves as a home for pharmacist, pharmacy technician and pharmacy student members of the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance, who are practicing in non-traditional pharmacy settings.

Practice Setting

Dale currently works for Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana as their Pharmacy Director.  There are approximately 40,000 lives served by this HMO in Northern Indiana. He started this role 30 years ago by creating a local Pharmacy network and a local Drug Formulary for Physicians to prescribe from. He now enjoys the expansion of Specialty Pharmacy and the new agents coming to market more frequently than ever before.

Journey to a Non-Traditional Practice Setting

Dale started his journey as a pharmacist in 1980 as a Nuclear Pharmacist at Pharmatopes Inc. in Indianapolis. As a Centralized Nuclear Pharmacy, they serviced 30 hospitals in Central Indiana with their radio-isotopes for the Nuclear Medicine Departments of the Hospitals. 

Six years later, he went into retail and was the Manager at the Sheridan Pharmacy in Sheridan, Indiana. There he grew their business from seven prescriptions per day to seventy.

In March of 1988, Dale took on his current role of Pharmacy Director at PHP. He leads a local Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee for the development of a custom Drug Formulary for the Plan. "I like to think we are helping one patient at a time at our call center and we have 40,000
opportunities every day."


Significant Projects/Accomplishments

Dale has been published by several magazines when he created an incentive for the Pharmacy Network to encourage the use of Drug Formulary products and made quarterly adjustments to each Pharmacy's Dispensing fee depending on their compliance numbers.

He testified at the FDA public hearing on October 20, 1995 regarding Pharmaceutical Advertising.

Dale was named Pharmacist of the Year in 2002 by the NEIPA A.

He was the IPA's IAMCP President in 2014 and 2015, leading the Academy and publishing quarterly articles for the Journal.

Advice for Someone Interested in Non-traditional Practice Settings

"I encourage students to look at ALL the options of Pharmacy, not just Retail and Hospital.  There are many other opportunities where we can help patients with their care."

IPA's Value to Members

"I continue to encourage students and colleagues to join the IP A. I highlight advocacy and networking as reasons to join. You never know when someone in the State is going through the same thing that might be happening in your area of the State. What better place to coordinate this information than at the IPA."