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Legislative Successes

Our PAC and legislators work diligently to help provide the legislative successes shown below.

1996 PL 114 - Pharmacists permitted to establish Collaborative Drug Therapy Management protocols with hospitals
1997 PL 183 - Mail order pharmacy regulated in Indiana
PL 190 - Pharmacists can provide and receive reimbursement for diabetes self-management training 
1999 PL 187 - First major update to Pharmacy Practice Act in over 100 years modernizing laws to allow pharmacists to utilize skills learned in pharmacy school
PL 231 - Mail order and internet pharmacy definition added to Indiana Code
2002 PL 1 - Pharmacists permitted to fill emergency refills without prescriptions
2003 PL 251 - Established oversight of Pharmacy Technicians by Board of Pharmacy; Prevented health insurance plans from mandating mail order pharmacy
2004 PL 75 - Expanded drug therapy management to health care facilities (nursing homes)

PL 212 - Permitted pharmacists to return expired medications to wholesalers
PL 204 - Permitted electronic prescribing for first time in Indiana
PL 122 - Licensed home medical equipment suppliers and designated licensed pharmacists as home medical equipment suppliers

2006 PL 98 - Regulated pharmacy interns; Permitted Governor to declare health emergency to permit pharmacists to get needed medications to persons regardless of statutory restrictions 
2007 PL 94 - Permitted Pharmacist -Administered Immunizations for Influenza by protocol 
2008 PL 7 - Regulated pharmacy audits for the first time in Indiana 
2011 PL 197 - Expanded pharmacist Collaborative Drug Therapy Management protocol to include protocols with physicians in any practice setting, including community pharmacies; Added shingles as the second immunization that could be administered by protocol 
PL 119 and 174 - Permitted pharmacies to accept the return of certain medications dispensed to patients 
2012 PL 152 - Telepharmacy permitted under Pharmacy Board Regulation 
PL 159 - Pharmacists permitted to supervise 6 pharmacy technicians rather than 4; Pharmacists permitted to dispense a 90 day supply of certain medications 
2013 PL 113 - Expanded pharmacist administered immunizations to include Tetanus, Diphtheria, Tdap, HPV, Pneumonia and Meningitis; permitted pharmacy interns to administer immunizations 
2014 PL 58 - Licensed pharmacy technicians and modernized the qualifications and requirements to be licensed 
2015 PL 154 - Expanded Medicaid to include coverage for pharmacist services 
PL 89 - Added Medication Therapy Management definition to provide foundation for payers to pay for MTM services; Permitted physician assistants and nurse practitioners to supervise pharmacists providing drug therapy management services 
2016 PL 4 and 5 - Made pharmacists gatekeepers in deciding which pseudoephedrine products to sell to customers to attempt to reduce the problem with methamphetamine labs in Indiana  

SB 51 - Pharmacists will be able to administer 12 immunizations with addition of 5 vaccines: measles, mumps and rubella; varicella; hepatitis A and B; and haemophilus influenza type B
HB 1540 - Pharmacy Modernization & Protection - Stiffens penalties for pharmacy robberies; permits State Health Commissioner to authorize standing order for pharmacists to prescribe and dispense smoking cessation products; defines telepharmacy; optimizes medication synchronization and modernizes Board of Pharmacy eligibility and notification requirements
SB 73 - Requires health plans to accept and respond to electronic prior authorizations to save pharmacists and patients time.
SB 226 - Combats opioid abuse by allowing partial filling of opioid prescriptions
SB 392 - Adds albuterol and naloxone to the list of emergency medications that schools can fill and store, while also ensuring 12-month expiration dating on injectable epinephrine 

IPA would like to sincerely thank all of our generous IPA PAC supporters and IPA members, who take the personal initiative to voluntarily support IPA PAC, and play a key role in ensuring that Indiana Pharmacists' voices are heard.