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Participation Opportunities

The Role of IPA Leadership in the future of Pharmacy

IPA provides a vision and a collective voice for Indiana pharmacy professionals.  We build consensus for members working across the continuum of health care, including retail pharmacies, health systems, managed care, and senior care facilities.  IPA encourages members to get involved by serving on the board, a council, or a task force, as these groups create our policies and provide direction for the organization.


Leader Selection

The IPA has five association officers: The Immediate Past President, President, President Elect, Executive Vice President, and Treasurer.  The Board of Directors consists of the association officers, the President and President Elect of each of the IPA academies, and District Representatives from the nine Indiana Districts.  Each member of the Board of Directors is elected by an annual vote among all members of the IPA.  The board, in turn, votes to elect members of the IPA to serve on its various committees, councils, and academies.


Become Involved

The links below display the pictures and contact information of the leading individuals in the IPA. If you would like to become a leading member of our organization, contact a member of the respective council, committee, or academy for more information.


Click here to learn more about our councils, committees, and academies!