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Indiana Academy of Student Pharmacists (IASP)

Board of Directors: 2021 - 2022 

July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022

Rachel Lindsey

Purdue University, 2022

Alex Spanenberg

Butler University, 2024


Emily Lee

Purdue University, 2021



Ashley Thomas

Board Member-at-Large
Butler University, 2023




Brooke Smith 

Board Member-at-Large
Butler University, 2022

Jason Kim

Board Member-at-Large
Manchester University, 2021




Abigail Seger 

Board Member-at-Large
Purdue University, 2022

Kiara Light

Board Member-at-Large
Purdue University, 2023




Alexa Hamel 

Board Member-at-Large
Manchester University, 2023



Academy and Council Student Committees: 2021- 2022 


Indiana Academy of Community Pharmacists 

The Indiana Academy of Community Pharmacists enhances pharmacists' ability to provide pharmacy care and to further the public's recognition of the profession's value for the community practice setting. Members work for both chain and independent retail pharmacies.

Student Committee Member                        
Jessica Czajkowski Purdue 2022          
Erin Dark Butler 2021          
John Kou Butler 2021          
Chloe Nestel Manchester 2021          

Indiana Academy of Independent Pharmacists

The Indiana Academy of Independent Pharmacists enhances pharmacists' ability to provide pharmaceutical care and strengthen the public's recognition of the value of independent practice settings. This academy also provides a network for independent pharmacists to discuss unique issues and collaborate. 

Student Committee Member  
Diane Hobbs Purdue 2022    
Nykole Zimmerman Manchester 2021    
Addison Sarver Purdue 2022    


Indiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The Indiana Academy of Health System Pharmacists enhances pharmacists' ability to provide pharmaceutical care and to further the public's recognition of the profession's value for health system, hospital, and outpatient clinic practice settings.

Student Committee Member                        
Julia Bass Purdue 2021          
Noah Fawcett Purdue 2021          
Caleb Hoppe Manchester 2021          
Sarah Stopcyznski Butler 2023          

Indiana Academy of Non-Traditional Pharmacists 

The Indiana Academy of Non-Traditional Pharmacists enhances pharmacists' ability to provide pharmaceutical care and further the public's recognition of the profession's value. Members work for senior care, managed care, compounding pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Student Committee Member                        
Myra Fu Purdue 2021          
Zach Hodgson Manchester 2021          
Kiersten Merida Purdue 2021          
Rehan Qureshi Butler 2022          
Jeremiah Saylae Manchester 2023          

Education Council 

The Education Council plans and coordinates educational programming for the association. It is primarily responsible for coordinating ACPE accredited educational programming for pharmacists for the IPA Spring and Annual Meeting and Expo. The council is also responsible for locating quality speakers to provide educational sessions at IPA events.

Student Committee Member       
Emma Baker Purdue 2022      
Katy Brown Butler 2021      
Jenelle Dushane Manchester 2022      
Haylie Lohmar Purdue 2022      
Laura Tonner Butler 2021      

Membership Council 

Our Membership Council supports the development of IPA’s membership strategy, member recruitment and renewal, and member engagement.  They work with the IPA Staff to market IPA to Indiana pharmacists, student pharmacists, and technicians.

Student Committee Member                                
Joe Camacho Butler 2022            
Sydney Stratford Manchester 2021            
Teresa West Purdue 2023            

New Practitioner Council 

The New Practitioner Council serves newly practicing IPA pharmacist members that have graduated within the past 10 years or less.  The group promotes involvement through specially designed events and opportunities targeted toward the needs of pharmacists in the beginning of their careers.  In addition to catering to the needs of new practitioners, the task force collaborates with the various IPA leadership boards and councils to help with the overarching mission of the organization and creates a pipeline for future leadership within the organization.

Student Committee Member                                              
Alison Kwak Purdue 2021                
Hannah Voss Butler 2023                
Blain Thayer Manchester 2021                
Ryan Yoo Purdue 2021                

Legislative and Regulatory Council 

Our IPA Legislative & Regulatory Council advances pharmacy legislation and regulatory practice in Indiana.  This team has written, testified, lobbied, and influenced new Indiana laws that have led to pharmacist immunizations and medication management by Indiana pharmacists.  Russ Stults, Indiana Pharmacy Lobbyist, serves as our legislative strategic consultant.

Student Committee Member                        
Michelle Adgalanis Purdue 2021            
Belinda Dagaas Purdue 2021            
Dayna Gumm Purdue 2023            
Andres Huerta Butler 2023            
Hayley Karpick Purdue 2021            
Alex Spanenberg Butler 2024            
Courtney Stauffenberg Butler 2021