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HB 1148 - Cannabidiol and Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

The full bill and more information can be found here.


Defines "Cannabidiol" and "substance containing cannabidiol" and establishes a cannabidiol registry for certain persons for the use of a substance containing cannabidiol in the treatment of an individual with treatment resistant epilepsy.  Requires the state department of health to maintain the registry.  Provides that the offense of possession of paraphernalia applies to the possession of certain items used in connection with lawfully possessed cannabidiol.  Establishes defenses to: (1) possession of marijuana; and (2) an allegation that a person has violated a condition of supervised release; if the charge or violation is based on the use of a substance containing cannabidiol.


Relevance for Pharmacists:

registry will be created for patients diagnosed with treatment -resistant epilepsy and their caregivers so that they may use and possess certain amounts of therapeutic cannabidiol (less than 0.3% THC and at least 5% cannabidiol) without being charged with marijuana possession or other charges such as violation of probation or parole at a state level.  Language was added to state that pharmacists may only dispense CBD if approved by the federal government (which it is still not).  Expect questions regarding the legality of "medical marijuana," which as of now is still illegal federally and in Indiana. This only approves the use and possession of cannabidiol (CBD) in specified quantities and concentrations by patients and caregivers on the registry.

Effective Date: July 1st, 2017.