Pharmacists Recovery Network

The Pharmacists Recovery Network of Indiana (PRNIndiana) serves as an advocacy group for impaired and recovering pharmacists. The PRNIndiana Board, which is made up of both recovering and non-recovering pharmacists, works closely with the Indiana Board of Pharmacy in managing the recovery and monitoring process of pharmacists in the state.  The state board often refers clients to the PRN board for monitoring following a hearing by the board where a pharmacist is found to be in violation of their license.

2016 Board Members

Scott Kaczynski, President
Ed Hinds, Vice President
Randy Hitchens, Treasurer
Carol Dunham, PRNIndiana Manager
Michael J. Denton, Clinical Director
Dan Bell, Board Member
Valarie Gaylor, Board Member
Lisa Walker, Board Member
Matt Murawski, Purdue Coordinator
Tracy Sprunger, Butler Coordinator