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The Confusion Surrounding CBD Products

By IPA on 6/10/2019

A recent DrugTopics article detailed the emerging market for CBD products, and the rapidly changing legality and regulation of a product that was once a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

With the passing of the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (the Farm Bill), hemp was removed from the Controlled Substance Act. However, CBD, derived from the hemp plant, may still be a controlled substance depending on the amount of THC in the product, and from where the original hemp was sourced.

The article touches on the sticky situation that pharmacies and pharmacists may find themselves in regarding patient questions about CBD products, a situation which changes across state lines. There is currently little research into CBD, and the quality and bioavailability of CBD in OTC products varies between different manufacturers.

Click the link below to read the original article published 5/13/2019 on