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Meet Rachel Rogers, Our December P4 Student! 

By Rachel Rogers on 12/7/2018


Words Rachel Lives By: Everything happens for a reason, although typically we are unable to see the reason until we look back on that time in our lives; then, somehow, we are always able to find a silver lining.


Our December APPE rotation student is Rachel Rogers. Rachel was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where she completed her high school education at Warren Central High School. After high school graduation, Rachel was off to Purdue University to pursue her dreams of becoming a pharmacist. Rachel’s love of pharmacy sprouted during the summer of her Sophomore year of high school. That summer, Rachel participated in a unique program, dedicated to providing research opportunities to economically disadvantaged high school students, called Project SEED. While actively participating in gene-targeted colorectal cancer therapy research, she was exposed to the world of pharmacy by one of her research mentors. She fell in love with the many aspects of pharmacy and hit the ground running.

During her time at Purdue University College of Pharmacy, Rachel has made it a point to teach in any way she can. Through her involvement with professional organizations, she has been able to teach children how to safely use OTC medications and inform middle school students on addictive drugs. Additionally, her past APPE rotations have provided her with opportunities to teach therapeutic topics to small groups and facilitate discussion in large lectures.

Besides teaching others, Rachel enjoys busting out jokes (that she typically only finds funny), spending time with friends and family, and “garage sale-ing”.

Rachel is interested in pursing post-graduate training focusing on academia/ambulatory care after graduating with her PharmD in May 2019. Her fondest moments while completing didactic course work and rotations include explaining concepts to others and helping patients manage their complex disease states by creating a plan that the patient and she have developed together. She feels she can continue to engage in these activities by pursuing ambulatory care practice with a focus in academia.

During her time with IPA in December, Rachel has been focused on improvement initiatives geared towards making IPA one of the top 5 state pharmacy associations. Initiatives that Rachel has completed and feels she provided the most value to our association include: addition of a Google calendar for members to download and use on the go, creation and implementation of electronic application forms for our Annual Convention, and assessment of 48 state pharmacy associations’ mission statements for the improvement of our own. Now that Rachel has had time to learn more about IPA, she feels one of the most valuable parts of being an IPA member is knowing she supports an association that fights for the future of pharmacy in the state house. She feels IPA is bringing Indiana pharmacists one step closer to being recognized as providers and being reimbursed for their services in order to expand healthcare access to everyone in Indiana.