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Meet Our P4 Student for the Month of May!

By Thomas DellaVilla on 5/31/2019


            My name is Thomas DellaVilla, but most people call me TJ. I am from Buffalo, New York, about 10 minutes from Niagara Falls. I chose Pharmacy due to my passion and love of the medical field, and particularly the role pharmacists have in the community, interacting with people and forming relationships. For my career in pharmacy, I plan on working in a Community Pharmacy once I graduate, and hopefully after a few great years move into the administrative side of pharmacy.

            I chose the IPA rotation so that I could develop myself as a leader, as well as see administration from a very different angle outside of a stereotypical pharmacy administration job. On top of this, working with IPA has led to several great Networking opportunities, and I have been able to work alongside some of the leaders among the pharmacy community.