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Meet Michelle Higgins, our P4 student on rotation this month!

By Michelle Higgins on 2/6/2019

Michelle’s words to live by:
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” - Bob Marley

Michelle is a PharmD Candidate at Purdue University with past clinical and administrative rotations at several locations throughout Indiana, including Eskenazi Health, Methodist Hospitals of Northwest Indiana, and the Indiana State House. A native of Northwest Indiana, she was born and raised in Munster. During her free time, Michelle loves to cook new dishes and dream about her next travel adventure. Because her mother’s side of the family is half Croatian, she is currently teaching herself the Croatian language and hopes to visit Croatia in the future.

Why Pharmacy?
Michelle’s father, Charles, was the first person to introduce her to the thought of becoming a pharmacist, back when she was still in middle school. As the years passed, her interest in the profession grew. It was at the time that her father was in intensive care during her first year of college that her decision to pursue pharmacy was solidified. Even with the struggles that she faced after losing her father, she persisted and was accepted to Purdue University’s College of Pharmacy to pursue her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. During her time in the program, Michelle also became increasingly involved in pharmacy legislation and advocacy. For two years, she served as the Policy Vice President for Purdue’s APhA-ASP Chapter. Michelle’s passion for health policy knows no bounds, but is primarily focused on patient access to medical care, mental health awareness, and service to veterans. Stemming from her outspoken nature, she hopes to educate the public on the benefits of pharmacists as advocates and providers of care. 

IPA Involvement
In addition to her involvement with APhA-ASP, Michelle also serves on IPA’s Legislative and Regulatory Council as a student member. Currently on rotation with Randy Hitchens, IPA’s Executive Vice President, Michelle has been able to experience the behind the scenes of “Advancing Our Profession Together.” She actively engages members in current events, including current legislation within the Indiana State Assembly, through the bi-weekly InTouch newsletters and daily article posts. This month, she is helping promote IPA’s Legislative Day in March, as well as the upcoming IPA Convention & Expo in April. Through these experiences, Michelle has gained valuable marketing, communication, project management and leadership skills, all of which will set her on a path towards becoming a successful pharmacist.

Future Plans
After her month at IPA, Michelle will return back to Northwest Indiana to complete rotations within the Franciscan Health Network. As a result of her incredible experiences within the administrative arena, Michelle strives to pursue a PGY1/2 health-systems pharmacy administration residency with a Master’s Degree in Health-Systems Pharmacy Administration. She also plans on continuing to be actively involved with her state pharmacy association and hopes to one day be involved in state or federal government.