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  2. Meet Leilanie Rivera Forés, one of our IPA students for the month of July!

Meet Leilanie Rivera Forés, one of our IPA rotation students for the month of July!

By IPA on 7/11/2019


Leilanie is a PharmD Candidate at Purdue University with past rotations in IU Health Arnett and Methodist Hospital. She was born in San German, Puerto Rico and spent most of her life moving to different towns on the island or to other Latin American Countries. During her free time, Leilanie likes to read fiction novels, cook new dishes, volunteer in free clinics and travel.

Why Pharmacy?
While growing up in Puerto Rico the island’s economic crisis caused an increased health disparity as doctors were fleeing the country. This directly affected one of her family members, who received inadequate care and was even given the wrong medication which led to severe effects. This showed Leilanie the importance of understanding medications, and the importance of having available drug experts to increase patient health outcomes.

Career Interests
Leilanie wishes to pursue a PGY1 after her graduation in May. She hopes to complete a PGY2 in Ambulatory Care while specializing in diabetes education, nutrition, and other metabolic disease care. She hopes to work to eliminate health disparities by working and volunteering in underserved and underinsured populations to provide excellent patient care. Leilanie also wishes to have direct involvement in patient advocacy and community service while practicing as a pharmacist.

IPA involvement
Leilanie has been directly involved in content improvement, social media advancement, and further development on the future of IPA. She is currently on a Leadership Rotation with Randy Hitchens, Executive Vice President of IPA.