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  1. IPA Joins Indiana Coalition for Patient-Centered Care (ICPCC)
  2. Meet July's IPA Rotation Student

Meet July's IPA Rotation Student


Hi everyone! My name is Julie Lee, and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student from Purdue University on rotation with IPA this month. I am originally from West Lafayette, Indiana, but have lived all around the world such as South Korea and Spain. Travelling and languages are some of my passions in life and one day I hope to become a polyglot and speak six different languages!

I fell in love with pharmacy when I first learned about the different specialties in the field. Pharmacy was so much more than medications- it was a place of wonder, a field with unlimited possibilities, the perfect embodiment of patient impact, care, variety, and flexibility. From specialty pharmacy to veterinary pharmacy to compounding pharmacy to academia, the field is evergrowing and unique in each own way. In the future, I hope to become a nuclear pharmacist and participate in the growing field of nuclear medicine as cancer therapy and diagnostic modes continue to develop and shape up medicine.

For the month of July, I had the privilege of working closely with Darren, Stacey, and Megan to understand and appreciate the legislative and business aspects of pharmacy and participate in several discussions and meetings with the IPA academies and other national pharmacy associations to advocate for pharmacist rights. I got to work on researching legislative policies on the scope of pharmacy practice and each state’s status in regards to prescriptive authority in tobacco cessation, contraceptives, controlled substances, vaccinations, and HIV treatment. I also had the opportunity to work on creating infographics for all 4 FDA drug approvals for the month of July, as well as maintain the IPA social media and website for current events and news topics. I am forever grateful to Darren and Stacy for allowing me to have such an unforgettable experience with IPA. Thank you!