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  1. Meet IPA's March Rotation Student
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Meet IPA's September Rotation Student 

By Genesis Isaac on 9/24/2020

My name is Genesis Isaac and I am a current fourth-year pharmacy student at Manchester University. I was born in Houston, TX but raised in Charlotte, NC. My interest in pharmacy started at an early age. I was born premature (three months early) so there were a lot of medications that I had to take to stay healthy. I became interested in pharmacy practice due to their abundant medication knowledge, accessibility, and willingness to help others in providing the best patient care.

I am grateful for this rotation at IPA. I had to adapt to a complete virtual rotation due to COVID-19, however, this rotation has still been very rewarding and inspiring. Even though COVID deterred my in-person relationships, my preceptor Darren Covington has made this rotation feel very connected.

After graduation, I hope to work as a community pharmacist. I am a huge believer in having a personal relationship with my customers that allows them to see that they have a pharmacist who cares, who is kind, respectful, and wants the best outcome for them. I also strive for that same relationship with my staff. Finally, I would like to continue my membership with IPA after graduation and become more active within my community.