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  1. Meet IPA's March Rotation Student
  2. Meet IPA's March Rotation Student

Meet IPA's March Rotation Student

By Scott Harrod on 3/27/2020

My name is Scott Harrod and I am from Plainfield, Indiana. I am finishing my final year of pharmacy school at Purdue University and I had the opportunity to do a rotation with IPA this March. Throughout my experience I benefited from working with the staff and attending meetings, as well as working on various professional projects amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I was initially interested in pharmacy because my father was a pharmaceutical sales representative, and when I was young, I thought it was amazing that small pills could have such a huge effect. As I attended pharmacy school I continued to learn about how medications have the power to help people live healthier and better lives, and I developed a passion for using my knowledge of medications to live their best possible lives. In the future I want to use this passion by either working at an independent community pharmacist or as a clinical pharmacist at a pharmacy benefits manager, at PBM. In either of these careers, I will use the professional skills that I learned at IPA to be the best pharmacist that I can be!