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  2. Ling Ding Student Bio

Ling Ding Student Bio

By Ling Ding on 11/5/2018

Ling’s Words to Live By:

“Always make time for yourself, even when you have a full plate” – Ling Ding


Ling is a PharmD candidate at Purdue University with past clinical rotations at St. Vincent Hospital, Eskenazi Health, and Shire. She was born in China and raised in Canada and the US since she was 6. Her family currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts. Due to her own diverse cultural background, she is excited to meet new people from all over the world. During her free time, she enjoys running and has ran two Purdue half-marathons.


Why Pharmacy?

Ling chose pharmacy because it is a career with diverse opportunities in a myriad of professional settings despite most people thinking pharmacists only work in a retail chain pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens. No matter what setting she ends up in, she wants to be an important member of the healthcare team that impacts the lives of patients and improve health outcomes.


IPA Involvement

Ling is currently on rotation with Randy Hitchens at IPA. She is actively promoting member communication through the IPA website and various social media platforms. She will also be supporting continuing medical education through IPA annual convention planning. Experience at IPA has helped her build leadership skills that she will take with her to be a successful pharmacist.


Future Plans

After Ling’s rotation experience at Shire in medical affairs, she plans to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. She is preparing for the ASHP midyear convention in Anaheim California in December to network and interview with professionals for a fellowship position.