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Congratulations to John Hertig

By Indiana Pharmacists Alliance on 4/2/2019

We would like to congratulate John Hertig for achieving the designation "Fellow of ASHP" (FASHP)! John Hertig, Indianapolis, is an Indiana Pharmacists member who achieved the designation “Fellow of ASHP” (FASHP) status and will be honored on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, during the ASHP Summer Meetings in Boston.  John is Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Butler College of Pharmacy.

Members who achieve FASHP status have successfully demonstrated sustained commitment or contributions to excellence in pharmacy practice for at least 10 years, contributed to the total body of knowledge in the field, demonstrated active involvement and leadership in ASHP, and have been actively involved in and committed to educating practitioners and others. The program has recognized 938 Fellows since it began in 1988.