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  1. IPA Joins Indiana Coalition for Patient-Centered Care (ICPCC)
  2. Meet August's IPA student

Meet August's IPA student

By Marya Meroueh on 8/27/2021

Hi! My name is Marya Meroueh, and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student from Purdue University on rotation with IPA this August. Originally, I was born and raised in Dearborn, MI but have been living in Carmel, IN for over a decade. In my free time, I love playing the violin, cooking, traveling, and drawing! 

My interest in pharmacy did not begin until my undergraduate years, where I spent my summer months in a lab, conducting experiments. I found a fascination for the mechanism in which drugs worked, and in combination with my passion for patient care and research, I knew pharmacy was the right profession for me. 

As for my future career goals, I will work hard during my remaining clinical rotations to be as best trained as possible and begin my career on the right foot. Following graduation next year, I hope to move on to complete a PGY-1 residency, where I can expand on the clinical knowledge I have gained and become a more experienced health care professional. Additionally, I hope to conduct more research in my career, to develop new treatments and improve patient care as a whole.

Over the last month, I have greatly appreciated this opportunity to work with IPA, specifically with my preceptor Darren Covington. I have gotten to learn more every day about what goes on within this organization, specifically, how they advocate for pharmacists, work to improve the pharmacy profession, and strive to educate our community. I look forward to taking what I have learned this month and using it to continue to improve on my profession.