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2019 Indiana Legislative Session Update

By The Capitol Group on 1/3/2019

The 2019 Indiana legislative session begins today with both houses convening at 1:30.  There are no calendars today as both houses will be handing down bills making them eligible for committee hearings starting next Monday. 

New Senate President Pro Temp Rodric Bray will start his first full regular session day in his new role.  The 2019 session will be dominated by the two year budget.  This will be the first budget for Senator Ryan Mishler who took over the role from retired Senator Luke Kinley. The House will also have a new face responsible for drafting the budget as Representative Todd Huston will co-chair the Ways and Means Committee, while Representative Tim Brown recovers from his motorcycle accident last year.  The budget will deal school funding from the local level, to the state universities and state agencies with the Department of Children’s Services the biggest point of emphasis.  As in a budget year when the allotted money runs out there will be a lot of talk of using the 2 billon dollar surplus to meet all of the proposed needs.  It remains to be seen if the legislature will tap in the reserve. 

The other main topics this session will be hate crimes, medical marijuana, sports wagering, workforce development, and school safety.  Governor Holcomb has made the hate crimes bill part of his agenda and states it is long over-due in Indiana.  Watch for medical marijuana to possibly turn into “adult use” bill, the term comes from Representative Cindy Kirchhofer the chair of House Public Health.

Even though today is day one of the legislative session it’s never too earlier to remind you the session, by order of the Indiana constitution, must be concluded by April 29 at midnight.  After today only 16 weeks and a day to go!


The following is a refresher on how a bill becomes law in Indiana: