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  2. 2018 IPA Law and NAPLEX Review Draws 300 Graduating Students and Pharmacists

2018 IPA Law and NAPLEX Review Draws over 300 Graduating Pharmacy Students and Pharmacists  

By Chedae Gillam on 5/14/2018

             Over 300 graduating pharmacy students from Butler, Purdue, and Manchester Colleges of Pharmacy, and a few registered pharmacists, attended our 2018 Indiana Pharmacists Law and NAPLEX Reviews at Butler University on May 9th and 10th.  This was our largest turn-out in history. We are very excited to assist our future and current pharmacists progress in their careers.

              Kristin Villa, PharmD, MS, presented the federal and state law review to ensure our students and pharmacists are prepared to tackle the MJPE Law exam this summer. She had a detailed PowerPoint to summarize Indiana laws and answered many questions. This was especially helpful for our out-of-state students and pharmacists that will be getting licensed in Indiana. For those of you unable to attend, there is an MPJE audio recording from the presentation along with the presenter’s slides for $95 or a MPJE – Federal and Indiana State Pharmacy Laws e-book for $40 available on our website

              Day two began with Alex Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS and Darin Ramsey, PharmD, BCPS, going over the basic format of the NAPLEX as well as general tips and the types of study materials available. Some tips included pacing yourself while taking the exam, relax and get plenty of sleep the night before, study subjects that you are not as comfortable with first or that you have not been exposed to on rotations, practice calculations using a computer/online calculator similar to the one NAPLEX utilizes, and to eat a high protein breakfast the day of the test. Additionally, some study materials recommended include RxPrep, APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy, and if your school provides access to AccessPharmacy there are multiple study tools, question banks, and McGraw-Hill’s NAPLEX Review Guide available. NABP also has a preNAPLEX exam offered online for those who are unfamiliar with online testing and want a chance to practice.

              After introductions, Dr. Isaacs touched therapeutic principles utilizing patient case scenarios and applying approaches to problems solving. Jane Krause, BS Pharm, RPh, MS, followed Dr. Isaacs and went through pharmaceutical calculations. She provided practice problems to prepare the students and even though it was a short review session, it was extensive and very helpful. The day finished with Carrie Maffeo, PharmD, BCPS and Dr. Ramsey providing a brief OTC review. This was especially valuable because OTCs are a vital part of the pharmacy profession no matter what career path a student chooses to take. Some of the topics discussed included heartburn, motion sickness, diarrhea/constipation, pain, smoking cession, cough/cold/flu, and allergic rhinitis.

              Overall it was an informative and fun two-days. We want to thank our professors and sponsors at Butler, Purdue, and Manchester Colleges of Pharmacy for making this a successful event!