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Bill Digests and Relevance

Please note: the information below is presented for general reference only and is not legal guidance.  If you require legal assistance, please contact an attorney.


HB 1246 - Effective 7/01/2019 

     In 2020, all outpatient epinephrine must have an expiration date > 12 months, unless the patient consents to receiving a product with a < 12 month expiration date. Certain automated dispensing systems must be registered with the Board of Pharmacy. Qualifying pharmacists may have a designee in their place a remote dispensing facility. Technician CE requirements for technicians working at a telepharmacy location. Cities, towns, or counties cannot require a business or other entity to pay for programs to accept unused medications. Gabapentin is added to the controlled substance definition solely for INSPECT purposes (it is not a controlled substance in any other sense). 

HB 1248 - Effective 7/01/2019 

     Emergency fills may be given up to 30 days for a chronic medication. Pharmacists can prescribe certain devices or supplies (with certain stipulations). Pharmacists may adapt prescriptions (quantity, dosage form) if in the best interest of the patient (except compounds, biologics, or controlled substances). Maintenance drugs may be extended for the limited quantity needed for a med synchronization program. Prescription changes must be adapted in the record. 

SB 176 - Effective 7/01/2019 

     Clarifies that unfilled (non-controlled) prescriptions can be transferred and mandates electronic prescribing of controlled substances after December 31, 2020 (with some exceptions). 


HB 1317 - Health Matters - Effective 7/01/2018

     Contains Gag Clause and Claw Back language. 

SB 221 - INSPECT Program - Effective 7/01/2018 

     January 1, 2019 a practitioner who dispenses ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or a controlled substance must be certified.

HB 1220 - FSSA Matters - Effective 7/01/2018 

     The Indiana Legislative & Regulatory Council fought to ensure no harmful language against pharmacies and or pharmacists. 

HB 1175 - Diabetes Reporting - Effective 7/01/2018 

     Indiana's new strategic plan to reduce diabetes.


HB 1540 - Pharmacy Modernization and Robbery - Effective 7/01/2017

     Indiana Board of pharmacy may have more than four members of the same politcal party and pharmacy professors/staff are no longer excluded. State health comissioner authorized the development of statewide standing orders, prescriptions, and/or protocol that allows pharmacists to adminster and dispense immunization and smoking cessation products. Pharmacists no longer have to display thier license or pharamcy permit. Defines telepharmacy. Charges for robbing pharmacies elevated to higher level felonies. Removes the requirement to notify prescribers when prescription quanity changes occur. 

HB 1148 - Cannabidiol and Treatment Resistant Epilepsy - Effective 4/26/2017 

     Created a registry for patients diagnosed with treatment-resistant epilepsy and their caregivers so that they may use and possess certain amounts of therapeutic cannabidiol without being charged with marijuana possession at the state level.

SB 51 - Immunization Expansion - Effective 7/01/2017 

    Expands list to 12 immunizations that pharmacists are allowed to administer. 

SB 73 - Electronic Prior Authorization - Effective 1/01/2018 

     Requires certain health plan to accept and response to electronic prior authorization requests. 

SB 226 - Prescribing and Dispensing of Opioids - Effective 7/01/2017

     Limits the amount of opioids a prescriber may issue to a patient for the first time. Allows pharmacists to make partial fills on opioid prescriptions when requested by patient. 

SB 392 - Emergency Medication (in Schools) - Effective 7/01/2017 

     Albuterol, naloxone, and epinephrine are now considered emergency medications and may be filled and stored by a school. 

SB 408 - INSPECT Program - Effective 4/27/2017

     Improves current INSPECT program. 



SB 80 - Pseudoephedrine - Meth Labs - Effective 7/01/2016 

     Created more strict rules reguarding pseudoephedrine sales. 



SB 406 - Overdose Intervention Drugs "Aaron's Law" - Effective 4/17/2015

     Expaned access to life-saving opioid overdose intervention drugs. Provides civil immuniy for an individual who obtains and adminsters an overdose intervention. 



IC-25-26-19-5 Technician Licensure - Effective 7/01/2014

     Regulation of pharmacy technicians.