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2019 IPA Annual Convention & Exposition Exhibitors

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April 12, 2019 through April 13, 2019
Embassy Suites
Noblesville, IN USA


Gold: APSC


Thank you for registering to display during our Annual Convention Exposition to be held at the Embassy Suies Noblesville on April 12th from 4:00-6:00PM. Booth numbers will be assigned closer to convention date. Additional needs such as elecric and internet can be ordered thru the hotel contact: Jennifer Bastin. Your support will be recognized on our webiste, in the continuity.

-Booths are 8x10, with table, two chairs and sign. Set up after 1 pm on April 12 / tear down after 6 pm on April 12

-To help draw attendees to your booth, we ask that each booth donate a prize or $25 cash for the PRIZE GIVEAWAY. We will have "Passport Cards" that each attendee must have initialed at each booth. When card is filled, they should be turned in for the giveaway drawings.

Conference Booths

Booth Description
8X10 Regular Booth These are regular booths with early bird, regular and on-site pricing.
Premium Booth These premium booths are prime location booths.


Company Name Booth Reference
APSC Booth#: 102
BTG International Inc
Flash Returns Booth#: 0201, Booth#: 0200, Booth#: 0100, Booth#: 0101, Booth#: 0301, Booth#: 0300
TRC Healthcare Booth#: 0110