The Role of IPA Leadership in the future of Pharmacy

IPA provides vision and a collective voice for Indiana pharmacy professionals.  We build consensus for members working across the continuum of health care, including retail pharmacies, health systems, managed care and senior care facilities.  All of IPA's meetings, programs, and policies are a result of the IPA leadership which includes the IPA Board of Directors, IPA councils and task forces.  IPA encourages members to get involved by serving on the board, a council or a task force.  Most council and task force meetings are conducted via conference calls hosted by IPA.  Board meetings are held at the IPA office in Indianapolis or as part of the Annual Convention or Spring CE Conference. Click on the links on the left to see the members of the board and specific councils and task forces.  Feel free to contact these individuals to see how you can get involved!

Leadership Determination

The IPA Articles of Incorporation state the following:

ARTICLE IX OFFICERS AND DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES Section 1. The Alliance Officers shall consist of an Immediate Past President, President, President Elect, and Treasurer. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Alliance Officers, the President and President Elect of each of the academies, and the nine (9) District Representatives; and they each shall have one vote on the Alliance Board. The Alliance President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and District Representatives may not concurrently hold the position of an Academy President or President-elect. Alliance Officers are elected from the ranks of voting members of the Alliance. The nine (9) District Representatives may be members of any Academy but must reside or work in the Congressional region they represent.

Pictured: Ron Snow,President Elect; Max Barnhart, IACP President; John Hertig, ISHP President; Kathleen Shoemaker, IAMCP President and Chris Sammon, ISSCP President.