Pharmacy Law: History of Successes

Legislative Successes - Indiana Pharmacists 
  • PL 114- Pharmacists permitted to establish Collaborative Drug Therapy Management protocols with hospitals.
  • PL 183- Mail order pharmacy regulated in Indiana
  • PL 190- Pharmacists can provide and receive reimbursement for diabetes self-management training 
  • PL 187- First major update to Pharmacy Practice Act in over 100 years modernizing laws to allow pharmacists to utilize skills learned in pharmacy school
  • PL 231- Mail order and internet pharmacy definition added to Indiana Code.
  • PL 1- Pharmacists permitted to fill emergency refills without prescriptions.
  • PL 251- Established oversight of Pharmacy Technicians by Board of Pharmacy; Prevented health insurance plans from mandating mail order pharmacy.
  • PL 75- Expanded drug therapy management to health care facilities (nursing homes).
  • PL 212- Permitted pharmacists to return expired medications to wholesalers.
  • PL 204- Permitted electronic prescribing for first time in Indiana.
  • PL 122- Licensed home medical equipment suppliers and designated licensed pharmacists as home medical equipment suppliers.
  • PL 98- Regulated pharmacy interns; Permitted Governor to declare health emergency to permit pharmacists to get needed medications to persons regardless of statutory restrictions.
  • PL 94- Permitted Pharmacist-Administered Immunizations for Influenza by protocol.
  • PL 7- Regulated pharmacy audits for the first time in Indiana.
  • PL 197- Expanded Pharmacists Collaborative Drug Therapy Management protocols to include protocols with Physicians in any practice setting, including community pharmacies; Added Shingles as the second immunization that could be administered by protocol.
  • PL 119 and 174- Permitted pharmacies to accept the return of certain medications dispensed to patients.
  • PL 152- Telepharmacy permitted under Pharmacy Board Regulation.
  • PL 159- Pharmacists permitted to supervise 6 pharmacy technicians rather than 4; Pharmacists permitted to dispense a 90 day supply of certain medications.
  • PL 113- Expanded Pharmacist-Administered Immunizations to include Tetanus, Diptheria, Tdap, HPV, Pneumonia and Meningitis; permitted pharmacy interns to administer immunizations.
  • PL 58- Licensed pharmacy technicians and modernized the qualifications and requirements to be licensed.
  • PL 154- Expanded Medicaid to include coverage for Pharmacist Services.
  • PL 89- Added Medication Therapy Management definition to provide foundation for payers to pay for MTM services; Permitted physician assistants and nurse practitioners to supervise pharmacists providing drug therapy management services.
  • PL 4 and 5- Made pharmacists gatekeepers in deciding which pseudoephedrine products to sell to customers to attempt to reduce the problem with methamphetamine labs in Indiana. 

Source: KWK Management, September 2016