Indiana Pharmacists Alliance:
The Voice of Pharmacy in Indiana

IPA will be closely monitoring bills which affect pharmacy in every legislative session.  When we determine what our members are most interested in, we dedicate our time and considerable resources to advocating for legislative change in those areas. IPA works closely with Senator Ron Grooms and Representative Steve Davisson to promote positive change for the field of pharmacy.  

Legislative News 2016 / 2017


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We are on track towards achieving provider status for pharmacists in the next 12- 18 months. The provider status bill is the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act, H.R.592 and S.109. Currently, 126 of 425 members of the U.S. House of Representatives (30%) and 27 of 100 members of the U.S. Senate have signed on as co-sponsors for this bill. The next step is for the Congressional Budget Office to issue a CBO financial score, which is expected later this year.  Once completed, requests will be made for a public hearing.  Our collective aim is that pharmacists will be considered a recognized Medicare Part B provider by 2018.

Indiana Pharmacists have become national leaders in the recruitment of state Congressional representative co-sponsorship for pharmacy provider status. Our “Rally Your Congressman” campaign continues as we have gained co-sponsor support from Senators Joe Donnelly Todd Young, and House Representatives Jackie Walorski (Mishawaka/Rochester) and Luke Messer (Muncie/Richmond).  We currently have support from 2 of 2 Senators and 2 of 9 House Representatives. Our “Rally Your Congressman” campaign now targets House Representatives Marlin Stutzman (Fort Wayne) and Pete Visclosky (Merrillville) to become co-sponsors.

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John Hertig will be serving as Co-Chair for the 2017-2018 legislative season. We have already begun the 2017 legislative session.  Since May 2016, Consultant Bill Keown, Senator Ron Grooms, House Representative Steve Davisson, John Hertig, Gloria Sachdev and Randy Hitchens have collaborated to drive and prioritize 2017 legislation.  Key prioritized pharmacy legislation includes:

  • Coverage for Pharmacist Care- requires insurance companies to reimburse for health services provided to a pharmacist in the same manner as if another recognized provider provided the service.
  • Prescription Synchronization
  • PBM Price Transparency
  • Pharmacist Dispensing Without a Prescription- expands 5 additional immunizations and tobacco cessation products
  • Tele-Pharmacy Definition
  • Psychotropic medications for children in foster care

2017 has been one of the most successful years for IPA's legislative initiatives and goals. Several of our bills and other bills we influenced a/o supported have been officially signed into law. For more information and summaries of recently passed bills click here.

It is important that as an IPA member and a constituent of your local Senator or Representative you regularly contact them regarding these healthcare-realted issues. Your direct contact is the most effective way in which to support the IPA's efforts. Your legislator works for you! Help ensure that they are protecting your professional and business interests. Contact them today!