The Membership Council supports the development of membership strategy.  It promotes the Indiana Pharmacist Alliance and highlights the positive things that the IPA does for pharmacists and the field of pharmacy.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Membership Council with questions regarding IPA membership or to hear how IPA serves as a resource in their daily practice. 

2016 Council Members

Nick Sloffer, Co-Chair nsloffer27@gmail.com
Julie Bolinger, Co-Chair bolingej@gmail.com
Joseph Allegretti jallegretti2@gmail.com
Ken Barker kbarker@lhn.net
Meghan Bodenberg mbodenbe@butler.edu
Herb Hunter herb.hunter@mmch.org
Garrett New garrett.new@gmail.com
Leroy Rhea leroy.rhea@va.gov
Gerald Roesener ghrpharm@yahoo.com
Christopher Sammon christopher.sammon@gmail.com
Christine Soedel csoedel@crh.org
Suellyn Sorensen ssorense@stvincent.org